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Frequently Asked Questions

"What is Hibachi?"

Hibachi refers to a Japanese cooking technique that involves cooking meat, seafood, and vegetables on a metal plate over high heat. Our hibachi meals come with meat/seafood, fried rice, noodles, & vegetables.

"Do you have Hibachi Grill Tables?"

We serve hibachi at our grill tables where our talented chefs will  provide an exciting "dinner and a show" experience, as well as at our regular dining tables. Our hibachi grills are always open during business hours. Parties of 12 and under can sit together at one grill, parties of 13+ will be sat at two or more grills. The grill has a two meal minimum.

"Do you take reservations?"

We always take reservations for the Hibachi Grill and Regular Dining Tables. Please call us during business hours to reserve a table.

“What are Pregnancy Safe/Fully Cooked Sushi options?”

Only sushi items marked without a red fish symbol on the menu are not raw. (Not marked on the online menu). Deep Frying a roll does not guarantee it is fully cooked. Please ask a server if you are unsure if a sushi item is raw or not.

“Do you have Gluten Free options?”

1. All hibachi meals except for Tofu, can be made gluten free (No noodles, extra fried rice, cooked with gluten free soy sauce, served with miso soup and ranch salad)​​

2. All Sushi without Eel, Crab Stick, Egg Custard (Tamago), Crunchy Flakes, Spider (Fried Soft Shell Crab), or Sauce, can be made gluten free.

“Do you have Dairy Free options?”

  1. All sushi without sauce is dairy free

  2. Hibachi meals can be made dairy free without butter. Hibachi Ginger Sauce is Dairy Free

  3. Deep fry batter is Dairy Free

“Do you use Peanut Oil for frying?

We do not use Peanut Oil or any peanut products

“Does the menu have items containing MSG?”

We do not add MSG to anything

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